Established on the lands of city of lakes – Bhopal, Prodigee is an ambitious education company committed to educating and nurturing students with non-academic life skills education so they may grow towards responsible global citizenship by getting the education they deserve and need in order to excel in life and not just grades.

At Prodigee we believe that our contribution to unlocking brighter future of these budding minds lies within the application of our deep understanding of the importance of teaching kids life skills through structured life skills education rather than aiming to stuff knowledge through rigid academic curriculum.


Why Prodigee?

The face of education is changing more in current times than perhaps it ever has before. And thus in this constantly changing environment of 21st century, being aware with the importance of practical life skills, Prodigee is a team of experienced education professionals and academicians determined to work upon offering an advanced non-academic practical life skills curriculum, in order to support the school going budding minds develop their own career niche by enhancing their practical life skills and creativity that cannot be measured by academic intelligence alone.

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What We Do

In this ever changing era, what we need is a more practical and smart study curriculum and education system that not only strives to produce academic geniuses but also support creatively intelligent youth. Therefore, we at Prodigee, with our aim to “Make better Humans”, are trying to fill the gaps in the current education system by introducing a non academic, advanced practical life skill based curriculum especially designed by academicians to ensure that our growing generations are well equipped with practical and vocational learning alongside theoretical study.


Our Team

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