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Employability Skills from Employers’ Perspective

No longer does education qualification serve, as the sole criterion for getting or not getting a job. Employers, today, demand a lot more than just a degree. They are looking for specific skills and flairs that can contribute to harmonious and efficient working environment. These skills are, in general term, called the employability skills.

Employability skills have become a decisive factor through which employers judge the candidates and subsequently hire employees. Therefore, before we bask in the grounds for why employability skills hold such a paramount place from an employer’s perspective, let’s first discuss what skills can be counted as the employability skills.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a creative way of finding solutions to problems. It is a way of approaching situations, questions, problems or challenges from a design perspective to create better products, systems, and communities. As a job aspirant, one needs to have an ability to deal with situations in the best-suited solution, which certainly can be learnt by accessing our structured design thinking module that efficiently describes the design thinking approach that one needs in order to excel in his professional life.

Communication Skills

Communication is the heart of every organization. Everything one does in the workplace begins and ends with communication. So as an individual prepare himself to establish his career, right from acing job interviews to handling workplace circumstances, skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing will play a very important role in helping one lead a successful work life. Our communication skills module ensures to give college graduates an insight of what communication is, and how being effective in communications can help them pave their way towards their career envisions.

Personal Branding & Corporate Communications

We all are a part of highly competitive era, where everyone is trying to represent themselves as the best amongst all, thus being known with the importance of standing out from the clutter of competitors for a job aspirant, our personal branding and corporate communication module aims to help one identify their strengths, build an online identity, develop authority, establish style, and differentiate what they have to offer professionally.

Computer Literacy and IT skills

Technological advancements have entirely reshaped modern organization and the work culture by making their business processes highly integrated, and more streamlined. And as an individual who aspires to seek a job opportunity or looking for ways to launch his career, being well versed with the basic IT skills is a mandatory qualification that a recruiter may look for. Therefore, being known to the importance of Basic IT skills in today’s business world, our Computer Literacy & IT Skill module very effectively shares a detailed insight to help develop the basic skills that can be useful for an individual to proficiently carry the tasks at his workplace.

Commercial and General Awareness

Our module Commercial and General Awareness aims to notch up a job aspirant’s general knowledge of business, and specifically their understanding of the industry which they’re aspiring to get into. What job would one be able to do, and how will one’s unique skills and attributes help the company more than anyone else’s? In general words, all the aspects of the major industry niches and the insights of their functioning is been efficiently demonstrated varying from organization to organization in details, so as to help job aspirants or budding businessmen to choose and function efficiently in the modern work era.

Soft Skills and Personal management

Soft Skills are increasingly becoming the hard skills of today’s workplace. It’s just not enough to be highly trained in technical skills, without developing the interpersonal skills that help people to communicate and collaborate effectively in a work environment. Our Soft Skills & Personal Management module aims to help understand all the major interpersonal aspects of a successful employee, so as to help individuals excel in their professional life. This module also effectively explains all the workplace scenarios one will see as soon as he starts working in an organization, and how his interpersonal skills will have a significant impact on the attitude and relationships with clients, customers, colleagues, and supervisor.

Work values and emotional intelligence

Work values & Emotional intelligence – or EQ – are becoming increasingly vital to humans’ success in the increasingly digital future of work. According to researches, an individual with higher EQ and work values is said to have a greater ability to self-regulate with higher levels of motivation which can in turn reduces their tendency to procrastinate, enabling them to focus on achieving long-term goals. So being known to the importance of Work values & Emotional intelligence, this module of ours intends to help an individual learn about the ideal way of functioning as an efficient employee, with the required talents, motives, values, and attitudes that provides stability and direction for one’s chosen career and envisions.

With an aim to inculcate employability skills and help our education system prepare the candidates for the new highly competitive working era, Prodigee’s expert academicians and professionals have extensively researched for years and developed a 45 to 50 hours of interactive parallel curriculum on 7 most important skills for job aspirants, and are working effectively on imparting these skills via unique teaching pedagogy.

PRODIGEE’s unique technology-driven pedagogy will ensure that a candidate is developed on all essential parameters, right from academics, technical efficiencies to life skills.

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