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The Importance of Teaching Kids Life Skills as Part of the School Curriculum

Human beings are a complex mixture of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour. People constantly interact with other people, with their inner selves, and with the environment as a whole. Thus, as children grow up into adolescence and adulthood, they need to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to handle themselves, sustain the environment, and life situations effectively.

Traditional education attempted to address this holistic view of human personality through the informal education system. The formal education system, on the other hand, has tended to prioritise knowledge at the expense of other aspects of our personalities, believing that an increase in knowledge will automatically lead to positive changes in attitudes and behaviours.

At the same time, it was generally assumed that life skills and attitudes would continue to be imparted through the family and community. However what has happened is that such traditional methods have largely broken down thereby leaving young people more vulnerable. In addition, the challenges and threats facing young people have increased for various historical reasons. Thus, it has become increasingly clear that such prioritisation of knowledge at the expense of other aspects of the human personality is a very inadequate way of preparing young people for the complex nature and challenges of our world today.

Since our current education system revolves around traditional learning methods and rigid academic curriculums that help students excel in academics while being ignorant to the fact that with a predominantly academic and theoretical education curriculum and methods of teaching, the students do not find themselves wanting to go out of their way to gain practical experience or new learning zeal.

At Prodigee we believe that having an education system that is focused to offer just the academic knowledge based on books has a drastic effect on the skills of students. And our contribution to unlocking brighter future of these budding minds lies within the application of our deep understanding of the importance of teaching kids life skills through structured life skills education rather than aiming to stuff knowledge through rigid academic curriculum.

Thus, with an aim to mould the traditional education system towards more of practical learning rather than unyielding academic rote learning, we at Prodigee are determined to “Make Better Humans” by offering a unique set of life and practical skills curriculum for the little school going bundles of joy.

So, if you wish to pave your child’s way towards excellence and not just top grades, join us at Prodigee and let’s reshape our education system and help nurture our little ones into practically intelligent individuals we need for the future.

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