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All about Prodigee

We are a part of world’s youngest country – India, a country that is continuously striving to evolve and develop in an unparalleled way. And being a part of a constantly changing environment the youth of our country needs to prepare one selves to be able to survive through any kind of situation, thus preparing to be intellectually ahead of others. And for that we need to strive and offer an education system that can be utilized throughout a child’s life.

In view of the foregoing defects and short comings, our education system calls for a radical change. Being a part of 21st century- with the continuously increasing international interdependence, evolving culture and economy, what our budding generation needs is, a different approach to education. By new education approach we do not mean to fanaticize the current academic and theoretical education system, what we mean is that we need to understand the importance of skills-based education that is more practical and valuable in life and not just in exam halls.

Skill Based Education through Structured Curriculums

We need to understand that the kind of rigid education system we have today is not going to help the generation prosper and become intellectually able, therefore, being an ambitious education company based on the lands of city of lakes Bhopal, Prodigee is committed to educating and nurturing students with non-academic life skills education so they may grow towards responsible global citizenship by getting the education they deserve and need in order to excel in life and not just exams.

See, it is important to understand that for our country’s future, we need individuals who are intellectually skilled and are able to compete and excel in their lives, and for that what we need is a different approach right from the starting of their initial study years. Therefore, keeping the overall development of a child into a corporate fit professional, we have come up with extremely interesting activity based curriculums. With a team of education professionals and academicians, since past two years, we were committed to design & create a non-academic life skills-based education curriculum for school going budding minds that can effectively ease the efforts required to teach kids life skills, and, another employability skill based curriculum for the college going students.

School Curriculum – Practical Life Skills for Kids

With our advanced life skills-based education curriculum for school going children, we aim to help “Make Better Humans” and transform the current education system by introducing a new age non-academic activity based practical life curriculum, for students of Class 5th – 12th. Our life skills education program primarily is designed and created to encourage excellence while fostering overall development of a child. Our education curriculum entails modules based on the essential life skills that a growing child would require in order to help them nurture their skills, explore opportunities, diverge, and pave their own way towards their own career niche.

High School Curriculum – Employability Skills Curriculum for College Students

With the employability skills curriculum, our very clear mandate is to make sure that the college students are ready to face the challenges of the practical work life. Being known to the biggest challenge for the country’s youth – employability skills, Prodigee’s expert academicians and professionals have extensively researched for years and developed a 45 to 50 hours of interactive parallel curriculum on 7 most important skills for job aspirants, ensuring that a candidate is developed on all essential parameters, right from academics, technical efficiencies, to life and practical skills.

We at Prodigee, are continuously initiating efforts to transform the education system by offering unique technology-driven pedagogy to ensure that a child is developed on all essential parameters, right from academics, technical efficiencies to life skills, and finally  becomes a corporate fit professional who is intellectual healthy, thus, is able to excel in all stages of life.

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