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About Us

Practical Life Skill-Based Education

Our current education system revolves around traditional learning methods and rigid academic curriculums that help students excel in academics while being ignorant to the fact that with a predominantly academic and theoretical education curriculum and methods of teaching, the students do not find themselves wanting to go out of their way to gain practical experience or new learning zeal.

At Prodigee we believe that having an education system that is focused to offer just academic knowledge based on books has a drastic effect on the skills of students. And our contribution to unlocking the brighter future of these budding minds lies within the application of our deep understanding of the importance of teaching kids life skills through structured life skills education rather than aiming to stuff knowledge through a rigid academic curriculum.

Thus, to mold the traditional education system towards more practical learning rather than unyielding academic rote learning, we at Prodigee are determined to “Make Better Humans” by offering a unique set of life and practical skills curriculum for the little school going bundles of joy.

So, if you wish to pave your child’s way towards excellence and not just top grades, join us at Prodigee and let’s reshape our education system and help nurture our little ones into practically intelligent individuals we need for the future.

Why Prodigee

Preparing Students For Success In An Ever-Changing World.

Given the foregoing defects and shortcomings, our education system calls for a radical change. Being a part of the 21st century- with the continuously increasing international interdependence, the evolved culture and economy, the society creates a need for a different approach to education. And by a new approach to education we do not mean to fantasize a predominantly academic and theoretical education system, what we mean is that we need to understand and strive to offer life skills-based education that is more practical and valuable in life and not just in exam halls.

The reasons behind our educational system becoming complacent are complex. It can be argued that in the pursuit of providing basic education, corners have been cut to fit the fast-paced needs of this generation, thus leading to an education system sustaining with a mindset that students eventually will learn things during their careers. It is true to an extent, but we cannot overlook the importance of practical education.

Thus with due consideration to the continuously growing society, and being well aware of the importance of teaching practical life skills, self-reading, information gathering, and work experience in school life, we at Prodigee, strive to offer an entirely advanced non-academic practical life and skill-based education curriculum to bring about a complete and harmonious development of all factors of human personality to support the school going budding minds develop their career niche by enhancing their practical life skills and creativity that cannot be measured by academic intelligence alone.


Our Team

Amit Goel


An aspiring teacher now dedicated himself to the revival of the education system. Amit is an NIT graduate and after working for 12 years in information technology MNCs like Microsoft, IBM, Deutsche Telecom, decided to focus on life and practical skill-based education and created Prodigee.

Pinan Chawla


A successful entrepreneur with deep knowledge and experience in running multiple ventures for the last twenty years, Pinan Chawla runs quite a few businesses in infrastructure, agriculture, hospitality, and other sectors. He has a keen interest and passion for the education of children.

Samridh Lugun

Graphic Designer

Digital Team Member

Astha Raizada

Proof-reader & Digital Marketing Strategist

Core/Digital Team Member

What We Do

We Don’t Teach. We Develop What’s Already Inside You.

So far when we mentioned “Life skills” what we at Prodigee referred to, were the skills that one needs to make the most out of his life. With a team of education professionals and academicians, we are committed to design & create a non-academic life skills-based education curriculum that eases the efforts required to teach kids life skills.

Prodigee ensures that, apart from just insights of practical life skills, our life skills curriculum entails lesson plans for numerous other practical life skills required by a child for his overall development to meet the challenges of life. Few of them being, Personal management: which includes anger management, stress management, learning from failures, time management; Financial management: including money management, banking, insurance, taxation; Career management: which includes career counseling, various career options, grooming the interest and hobbies, etc. The idea behind this structured practical life curriculum is to develop the child in a wholesome manner and not just make him an academic wizard who has diminished his practical and creative intelligence.

Knowing that young minds are more susceptible and capable of learning concepts faster, we have designed and created an advanced life skills-based education curriculum for students in grades 5 to 12 to help them nurture their skills, explore opportunities, diverge, and pave their path.