Life Skills

We at Prodigee aim to help “Make Better Humans” and transform the current education system in India by introducing a new age non-academic activity based practical life curriculum to encourage excellence and foster overall development.

Our life skills education curriculum entails modules based on the essential life skills that a growing child would require in order to excel in life and not just grades.

Financial Education

Did you know, we are one of the lowest financially literate countries in the world? The reason behind this is the lack of financial education. Our current education system’s curriculum comprises of everything from history of china to algebraic theorems, but doesn’t involve the basics of finance that every individual must know.

Therefore, being aware with the importance of financial education, we at Prodigee, while creating our practical life curriculum have focused to create a separate practical money skills module ensures that the child is taught the entire paradigm of financial education in a sequential manner from class VII to Class XII which includes Savings, Budgets, the banking system, basics of Insurance, Taxation, Wealth Management, Stocks, Investments, Borrowing, Retirement Planning, and lot more.

Personal Management

Personal management basically is a combination of behavioral skills that focus on how people manage themselves in their work and life. Personal management is a continuous process in which individuals set goals and outline short- and long-term strategies to fulfill those goals. Being a completely individualized process, no two people can have a same approach towards their goals and self management.

Developing your personal productivity and behavioral skills to manage both your time and your commitments is important in order to succeed in life, thus being known to the importance of personal management, our expert academicians and experts while creating Life Skills Curriculum for school going students, have initiated their efforts in creating a distinct personal management module that entails details of every little life skill that an individual needs to grow and excel in life.

Interest & Hobby Management

Having a hobby or a specific interest that you’re passionate about enriches your life while helping you have a different perspective on things. Irrespective to the type of hobby or interest you engage yourself into, you will definitely be exposed to new ideas, growth while exposing you to new opinions and to new ways to look at life.

Moreover, when we look into our current education system, the interests and hobbies of the child are suppressed, and they are not allowed to develop their interests predominantly because of the lack of knowledge and clarity on whether these can be converted into successful careers. Thus, with our understanding of the various aspects of a practically successful life, we at Prodigee focus at encouraging the child to pursue their hobbies into successful career options under our life skills education curriculum have also created a separate module for hobby and interest management in order to help school going growing minds explore their interests and hobbies while enhancing their skills and paving their distinct path towards their own career niche.

Holy Scriptures

Being known to our Holy Scriptures is very important for a growing child, in order to have an unbiased opinion about the different religions, castes, creed and color. Our education system along with the academic subjects should also plan to teach the aspects of religion, the origins of myths and the histories of various religious institutions, to help them as a growing individual see all religions as part of the same phenomenon and not see one as inherently superior to the others.

Therefore, we at Prodigee understand the significance of teaching Holy Scriptures, and have developed an entire practical study module on Holy Scriptures which is again being taught to the child from Class VII onwards. The aspects of this module include rites of passage, education and child psychology, as well as discussion of the moral issue of religious education for the children. Our aim to aware the children with Holy scriptures is to help them understand the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam i.e the Entire World is One Big Family and we are not supposed to fight or have differences amongst ourselves.

Career Management

Career management is one’s conscious planning of activities and engagements undertaken in the course of life for better fulfillment, growth and financial stability. Today, managing and planning careers is one of the major hurdles faced by children, youth and adults. Do you know why? Because we are still a part of an education system where IAS, Engineering, Medical, Banking and Law are the only handful of successful career options that a child is aware of, and thus they either follow wrong advices or try to copy and follow the path which others are taking.

Thus with a focus of helping a child explore their own opportunities, diverge and pave their own way, we at Prodigee, while working on our new age practical life curriculum, have researched and found more than 50 career options and made sure that our career management study module help both the child and the parents in being aware of these so that they can land upon an informed decision while choosing the career niche that is aligned in accordance with the child’s interest and passion.

Communication Skills

Effective Communication, the most sought after quality that’s essential for a successful future career of a student. Effective communication enhances the ability to understand while making a difference in the personality of students. The act of communicating draws on several interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. These include speaking, listening, observing, questioning, processing, analyzing and evaluating.

And we at Prodigee being an ambitious education company, are well versed with the importance of effective communication skills, thus with an aim to help “Make better humans” within our Life Skills-Based study curriculum have also focused and worked on creating a separate communication skills activity based learning module that would help the school going students understand the importance of effective communication, its various aspects and work to enhance their communication skills in order to compete in this competitive era and succeed in life.

Competitive Exam Preparation

We are all aware about the sad state of affairs today regarding the preparation of Competitive examinations. Almost every child is pushed hard from Class X or XI onwards to prepare for the handful of successful career options known since the generations. Being already burdened with the academic stress, the children are forced to get themselves involved into learning things for competitive examinations, and this certainly affects the mental ability of the child. The big question that arises here is, that why can’t we start helping our growing generation prepare for competitive exams since the beginning? Why do we have to get them introduced to a whole new range of complex study subjects like quantitative aptitude, logical thinking, reasoning, and problem solving in their higher classes?

Prodigee with our expert educationists and academicians along with our other life skill curriculum modules, have also worked on creating a separate advanced module to help students learn and prepare for future competitive examination through a structured study curriculum.

Current Affairs

Having the knowledge of our surrounding carries the utmost importance today. We all are directly or indirectly affected by what goes around us and thus it’s important for us to be aware of what’s happening in our surrounding. We being a part of the ultimate globalization today have no other choice then being well informed individual of this global community.

Prodigee as an ambitious education company while creating our life skill practical curriculum have specially worked to create a current affairs module that focuses on acquainting the students regarding the current affairs of the world thus helping them become an informed, responsible and an intelligent individual we need for our future.

India - Opportunities & Growth

We at Prodigee are well versed with the importance of teaching the insights of our country. Thus our expert academicians have strived to create a distinct module on India (Opportunities and Growth) that will allow you to identify and appreciate the important events, national and international policies while helping you make better and informed decisions regarding the best use of national resources.

This sub-module of our life skill curriculum basically covers all the topics related to the country from the perspective of teaching the country’s growth and opportunities in a well structured manner. The topics included here also covers, Media Assessment and Knowledge, Roles and Responsibilities as Indian Citizen, Contribution towards country’s success, Public Administration and Sociology, Governance in India, amongst others.

Essential Skills

With due consideration to the continuously growing society, and being well aware with the importance of teaching practical life skills, our teachers, academicians and experts have strived to cover all the essential life skills into an Practical Life Curriculum, apart from our core modules the rest of topics and basic essentialities that have been left i.e. Health Education, Personal Safety, Design Thinking and Coding, Social Responsibilities, Social Media (Dos and Don’ts), Crime, Drugs and Sex Education, Learning on Social and Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Awareness, Civic Sense, Internet (Host of opportunities) and few more, all are being covered in this sub module of ours.

We as a responsible educational company ensure to impart the best Life Skills Education through our Life Skills-Based Education curriculum with an aim to help “Make Better Humans” and prepare our growing young minds for the era of excellence and growth.

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