What We Do

We Don’t Teach. We Develop What’s Already Inside You.

So far when we mentioned “Life skills” what we at Prodigee referred to, were the skills that one needs to make the most out of his life. With a team of education professionals and academicians we are committed to design & create a non-academic life skills-based education curriculum that eases the efforts required to teach kids life skills.

Prodigee ensures that, apart from just insights of practical life skills, our life skills curriculum entails lesson plans for numerous other practical life skills required by a child for his overall development to meet the challenges of life. Few of them being, Personal management: which includes anger management, stress management, learning from failures, time management; Financial management: including money management, banking, insurance, taxation; Career management: which includes career counseling, various career options, grooming the interest and hobbies, etc. The idea behind this structured practical life curriculum is to develop the child in a wholesome manner and not just make him an academic wizard who has diminished his practical and creative intelligence.

Being known to the fact that the young minds are more susceptible and capable of learning concepts faster, we with our aim to impart knowledge and education that is practical valuable and worth, have designed and created an advanced life skills-based education curriculum for students of standard 5th to 12th in order to help them nurture their skills, explore opportunities, diverge, and pave their own way towards their own career niche.

Prodigee Private Limited