Why Prodigee

Preparing Students For Success In An Ever Changing World.

In view of the foregoing defects and short comings, our education system calls for a radical change. Being a part of 21st century- with the continuously increasing international interdependence, the evolved culture and economy, the society creates a need for a different approach to education. And by new approach to education we do not mean to fanaticize a predominantly academic and theoretical education system, what we mean is that we need to understand and strive to offer life skills-based education that is more practical and valuable in life and not just in exam halls.

The reasons behind our educational system becoming complacent are complex. It can be argued that in the pursuit of providing basic education, corners have been cut to fit the fast-paced needs of this generation, thus leading to an education system sustaining with a mindset that students eventually will learn things during their career. It is true to an extent, but we cannot overlook the importance of practical education.

Thus with due consideration to the continuously growing society, and being well aware with the importance of teaching practical life skills, self-reading, information gathering, and work experience in school life, we at Prodigee, strive to offer an entirely advanced non academic practical life and skill based education curriculum in order to bring about a complete and harmonious development of all factors of human personality in order to support the school going budding minds develop their own career niche by enhancing their practical life skills and creativity that cannot be measured by academic intelligence alone.

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